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SmartAssist, developed in Australia by ConnectSmart, is an AI-managed Answering Service. Representing a technological leap for small and medium-sized businesses, integrating cutting-edge artificial intelligence into our CloudPBX communication platform.


This service offers an intelligent, automated answering system that interacts with callers in real-time, providing personalized responses, routing calls effectively, and ensuring no customer query goes unanswered. The AI’s learning capabilities mean it continually improves in handling inquiries, scheduling, and providing information. This tool not only enhances customer satisfaction but also streamlines operations, allowing SMBs to focus on growth while maintaining excellent customer service.


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We made it smart

Automated features and intelligent call identification makes Messages a must in any law practice


Never miss an important comment or client statement again. Messages will transcribe and upload your phone conversations as a Call Transcript directly to your matter.


Auto Tracking

Automatically and accurately record the time spent before, during, and after each call, giving you complete visibility over your practice’s phones.


Fee Time Entry

You can choose to charge your call directly to a client’s matter, simply select the fee and activity you wish to use. 

Call from anywhere, at any time

The most flexible phone solution up to date, choose your device and seamlessly transition your practice according to your schedule

See it in action!

Rather than hear all the hype, why not enable our free trial and see for yourself!

The CallSmart trial enables you to use all of the features without providing any credit card details or signing up for any lengthy terms.

We run a Live Demo of CallSmart for LEAP every Thursday morning (AEST). Register today to check it out in action and ask any questions

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