The leading telephone integration service for Law Firms

Auto fee & logging

CallSmart integrates your phone system for call control

Automatically and accurately record the time spent on each call, select your fee and log or charge to your clients matter

Detailed call reporting so you never miss a minute
Auto matching of inbound callers to their open matters (for hosted CallSmart firms)

Mobile Phone Support

Extend CallSmart to your mobile, practice from anywhere

You can even setup multiple phone/mobiles across multiple locations

Call Recording & Auto-Transcribing

CallSmart Witness allows you to record your calls, subject to privacy requirements.

Take away the need to remember the specifics of a client statement and remove the potential danger of he said, she said...

CallSmart Notes allows you to have your recorded calls automatically transcribed into a Word document and uploaded into your matter

See it in action!

Rather than hear all the hype, why not enable our free trial and see for yourself!

The CallSmart Essentials trial enables you to use all of the features without providing any credit card details, or sign up to any agreements.

There are no costs what so ever. If you really like CallSmart Essentials, our PAYG plans don't even tie you up to any lengthy service agreements.

The only 100% Cloud based Print, Copy and Scan solution for Law Firms

High Speed - Low Cost

Scan your physical documents directly to the selected matter in seconds

Choose from various a wide range of options including colour, resolution, preview mode and much more

Disburse time and scan costs to your matter automatically

Job Builder

For larger scanning jobs, you can choose the Batch Scan feature to support a larger page count that exceeds the feeder trays limit

Scan to Matter

Users can scan directly to their selected matter in seconds

Choose from various supported features including custom file names, adjust scan resolution and colour modes

Keep Copy under Control

PrintSmart affords users complete control over their copy functions

PrintSmart even auto-detects what features are available on your multi-function device


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